American Osteopathic College of Pathologists

Fall 2021 Conference


“Pearls in Pathology”


November 1-30, 2021


Invited speakers and topics are;

Laura Michael, DO                  Celiac Sprue Update 2021

Alan Shienbaum, DO              Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Pathology

Alan Shienbaum, DO              Thyroid FNA Update

Chaya Prasad, MD                  Sexual Abuse in the Medical Profession

Randall McGivney, DO            Proliferative Breast Disease

Randall McGivney, DO            Prostate Needle Biopsies

Jeanine Chiaffarano, DO         GYN Update

Steven Gustafson, DO             Parasitology

Whitney High, MD                    Pearls from the Dermatopathologists